Play chess app

Play chess app    

Play chess app is a Free Internet Chess Games Server application where you can play instant rated chess games (blitz & rapid) without any registration. You can also register to play correspondence chess online at, all in the same app on your Android phone. Of course you can also play chess online on your computer.

Play rated chess games online on Chess app at Google Play Store.

Play chess online Chess is even more popular since it can be played through the internet, Facebook apps & applications on mobile phones with an Android system, that's why FICGS (Free Internet Correspondence Games Server) created this application to bring chess faster to all players in the world, anyone now being able to start a chess game within seconds, without any registration.

Fast games are rated to enable players to find a similar level opponent, names being randomly generated unless you change it. This is a good way to train & improve while correspondence chess remains the best way to learn and understand openings & endgames deeper, with the help of databases & chess engines like the famous Stockfish, or Houdini, Komodo, the famous Fritz & Shredder from Chessbase, Hiarcs, Rybka & so on... also offers other games apps like chess 960 or Go, that you may have heard about since Google Deepmind's AlphaGo beat the very best players from Korea & China, just before AlphaZero took on chess by beating Stockfish. Go (weiqi, baduk) is definitely one of the most challenging games for the human brain & artificial intelligences. Finally, if playing chess for fun is not enough anymore, you'll be welcome to play correspondence chess tournaments, cup & world championships with the strongest players.